Mod Security

Think of mod_security as an intrusion detection and prevention engine for web applications. Essentially, it will mitigate malicious http requests, namely cross-site scripting exploits, before apache itself even has a chance to fully process it. If configured correctly, mod_security can provide umbrella protection to vulnerable scripts/web-applications hosted by your users.

Grab the source and unpack (check for newest version at


1. Run /scripts/easyapache and follow the on screen menu to enable the mod_security module within Apache 2.x. (This installs mod_security 2.5.5 which is required for this ruleset)

2. As root, run "wget -O /root/install_modsec_rules"

3. As root, run "sh /root/install_modsec_rules" and follow the on screen instructions.


403Security has made a simple script to update your ModSecurity rules.

  1. wget -O /root/install_modsec_rules
  2. sh /root/install_modsec_rules


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