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If you already have an email account username@yourdomain.com and you would like to receive emails directed to sales@yourdomain.com in your username@yourdomain.com mailbox, you can simply use the Email Redirect/Forwarders/Aliases feature. You can have as many forwarders as you like to any single POP3 Email account. To enable this feature, simply login to your web site control panel via http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel and click on "Forwarders". Next, click on "Add Forwarder". There will be two blank fields, fill in the left-hand-side blank with the missing part of email address that you would like to forward emails from (e.g. sales). Next fill in the right-hand-side blank with the full email address where you would like to forward emails to (ie username@yourdomain.com). After that, click on "Create Forward".

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