With heavy development and the incorporation of ongoing, open discussion, Paper Lantern is the next look and feel for cPanel and we are proud to be able to offer it to our customers.


What this means for you

Initially, our emphasis has been on immediate changes that provide a large amount of benefit. For a product with an incredible amount of depth and complexity, one of the first things we decided to do was adopt Twitter Bootstrap 3 as our standard UI kit and solid base for future work. With Twitter Bootstrap, one of the most common UI kits utilized by web professionals today, we hope that web developers and designers will be able to crack open the code and easily create beautiful, new themes.

Next, we began identifying and reusing elements across more of the user interface to increase consistency throughout the project. Consistency helps users to quickly become familiar with using their cPanel account. Once a user learns one feature with a consistent layout, the next feature becomes that much simpler to navigate.

You may be asking yourself where some of the familiar items have gone… Well, they are not gone, just renamed

x3 feature name
Paper Lantern feature name
Image Manager Images
Password Protect Directories Directory Privacy
Disk Space Usage Disk Usage
FTP Session Control FTP Connections
Parked Domains Aliases
Email Trace Track Delivery
Account Level Filtering Global Filters
User Level Filtering User Filters
Import Addresses/Forwarders Address Importer
GnuPG Keys Encryption
Email Archiving Archive
Latest Visitors Visitors
Error Log Errors
Raw Access Logs Raw Access
Choose Log Program Metrics Editor
Deny IP Address IP Blocker
Leech Protect Leech Protection
PHP Configuration PHP
Network Tools Track DNS
Index Manager Indexes