Use MarketGoo right from your cPanel administration!

MarketGoo is the easiest and most effective website marketing toolset. It allows you to submit your website to Google with an efficient and modern methodology and guide you through the different areas of website marketing to help you achieve success. Start receiving more qualified visits by improving your SEO, Social Media, Link Building and Monitoring with MarketGoo tools.

Why use MarketGoo?

Appear on Google
MarketGoo search engine submission tool will help you appear on Google thanks to its modern submission technology.

Receive more qualified visits
Select and promote the keywords that better represent your business to receive more qualified visits. The more targeted your actions are, more easily these visits will transform into customers.

Measure your success
With MarketGoo you will be able to track the search engine positions and traffic of your keywords, as well as many more metrics to help you measure your improvements.

Beat your competitors
Benchmark your website marketing activities and results against those of your competitors and steal business from them. MarketGoo will help you in detecting the biggest opportunities in this area.

How does it work?

MarketGoo unique technology will analyze your website regularly and adapt more than 200 actions and recommendations specific to your website and industry. This way, you can be sure that every single task that you complete on MarketGoo is driving you closer to online success.


MarketGoo consists of different set of tools:

  • Free SEO Starter Pack: Search Engine submission, website health audit, SEO and linkbuilding analysis
  • Optimize Website: Make your site rank higher in search engines by optimizing its structure and content to promote the keywords that are relevant to your business
  • Increase Visibility: Get more links from relevant pages and receive more qualified visits
  • Improve Social Media: Develop a Social Media strategy that connects with your customers and translates into higher visibility and sales
  • Analyze Competitors: Learn how your competitors are performing on their website marketing and adapt your strategy to beat them
  • Monitor Results: Track and analyze your website marketing evolution and identify the key aspects that are bringing the highest benefits to your business