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Dedicated Servers



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Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is the perfect solution for businesses and high-traffic websites. These servers allow for the ultimate in customization, configuration, installation, and flexibility.

Our Single Processor Dedicated Servers start at only $99.98 per month and offer a a wide variety of customizable options at reasonable prices. All of our servers come standard with a long list of features for you to fully experience a true Dedicated Server platform.


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Upgrade Options & Add-ons

When selecting a Dedicated Server you can chose from many configuration options to ensure the foundation of your hosted environment is designed to offer your applications peak performance and reliability. Our order forms have been created with simplicity in mind allowing you to modify the configuration of your Dedicated Server with just a few clicks. Upon receiving successful payment for your server our team will proceed to deploy your service within just a few hours!









More Storage Options

Our servers are stocked with Enterprise-Grade, SATA or Solid State Drives.  Configure your storage your way.



Enterprise DDoS Protection

We are one of the only True DDoS protected networks in North America, powered by enterprise-grade RioRey DDoS mitigation appliances. All of our servers are protected by the RioRey hardware.





1 Gbps Port Speed

We set ourselves apart from the competition by including 1 Gbps network uplink ports with all dedicated servers, ensuring the fastest possible data transfers.