If you haven’t been backing up your important data, you are setting yourself up for something bad. In the world of backup, there are a lot of solutions available to you that are confusing and expensive. Well, those days are gone. The only things that really matter in the event of a computer crash are your documents, photos, music, videos, etc. Your operating system and your software is easy to replace.

To start backing up your important documents, you don’t need to spend a lot of money… in fact, it is very inexpensive. As far as software goes, we recommend CrashPlan. CrashPlan offers you all the features you need to start your backups and keep them going without having to hire an IT guru. Then, if something bad happens, like your computer crashes, you can easily restore your pricesless pictures, videos, documents, etc.


Remember, it isn’t enough to just backup your computer to a thumb drive or an external hard drive.  Those items can be easily damaged, lost, or stolen. You should also be backing up to dedicated offsite storage. We are now offering our cloud based storage solutions up as a backup destination for you to use with CrashPlan.  Each of our service offerings provide you with enough space to backup your data.  Your data is encrypted before it is sent to our servers ensuring that you are the only one that has access.

Each of our backup servers are replicated to servers both onsite in our data center and offsite to make sure that everything you store with us is kept safe.

Backup as many computers as you like, for one low monthly offsite storage cost.

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Installation & Configuration Guide

To get started, download and install CrashPlan

Follow the prompts for a standard installation

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Once the installation has been completed, the CrashPlan application will open and prompt you to register for a CrashPlan account.  Complete the registration with accurate information to ensure that you have complete access to your backups and data.

crashplan (6)

Once the registration is complete, you can start to configure CrashPlan, the backup destinations, and the files and folders you would like to have backed up.  Before we pick our CODWebhosting destination for backup, it is important to make sure that all the folders you have irreplaceable information in are selected for backup.  Click the “Change” button under the “Files” section on the Backup tab and make sure all the folders you wish to backup are selected.  Typically, your important information will be in your “Users” folder.

crashplan (8) crashplan (9)

Click Save when you have made all of your folder selections.

Then click the “Friends” link in the Destinations box in the Backup Tab.  Enter the backup Code we provide you through email and click the Start Backup button!

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That’s all!  You can now enjoy some peace of mind knowing that your important data is backed up at all times.

Need more space?

Upgrade your plan at any time by logging into our client area, clicking Services, My services.  You can view your plan and upgrade or downgrade your package.

Want to earn some extra Cash?

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