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About Us

At CODWebhosting we’ve been hosting websites since 2002. That was when Computing on Demand (our primary reason for starting), outgrew its shared hosting platform and datacenterstarted looking to more powerful and robust dedicated server platform.  Friends and family quickly started to realize that I could offer them hosting solutions that were faster and more feature rich than what they had been paying for.  Thus, CODWebhosting had been born.

Our philosophy is simple, we want to offer you the best hosting platform for your website that we can.  If you shop the net, you will quickly find that there are a lot of hosting companies that offer hosting plans at insanely low prices.  The trick to these prices is something called overselling.


1. sell more of (something) than exists or can be delivered.

This means, if a single server can host 200 websites based on its hardware configuration, these hosts will smash 500 into it, hoping that customers will not use their services to the full potential.

Additionally, the “unlimited” accounts that many of these hosting companies offer are not, by definition, unlimited accounts.  Although they state they will allow you unlmited space, they implement an inode limitation (file count) to make sure you can’t store more than X number of files in your hosting account.  With this, they limit the amount of memory an account can use, the amount of processing and account can use, the number of connections and account can use, and much more.  Think about it… the reason for having a website is to have people view it … right?  Now imagine that you have 1000 people trying to view it and only 300 of them can see it at one time! THAT’S CRAZY!

What makes us different?

  1. We do not oversell our servers
  2. We lay it all down on the table
  3. No hidden fees

Any questions?